Beth Johnston, Art Director: Brand & Identity Design

Your brand has a voice, a style, a name, and a purpose.

I’m here to help your brand come to life, packaging your identity into a persona that’s easy to get to know, try and share.

Brand systems are how you strategically and creatively present your company’s face to the world. They are custom to who you are and what you have to say.

Some systems have parent brands and child brands, each with their own logo, look and story. Some systems are loud, mailable and fresh, rapidly changing the ways they engage, delighting their users at every corner. Other systems are strictly consistent with minimal creative riffs.

What does your brand identity look like?

Well, that depends on who you are. The best brands bring their key attributes right to the surface at every engagement opportunity. They deliver authentically in every communication. Each touchpoint is packaged in a way that looks familiar, it’s looks like “them.” They are loyal to their own authenticity, and they build followers who can’t help but share the awesome experiences.

Let’s talk about your brand.