Designers decide how something looks and functions.

Employees and owners make design decisions every day for their companies. Someone decides how much content goes on a slide, how to answer the phone, or what images go in the next social media post. A brand identity designer can make these decisions more consistent with your company identity.

A brand identity designer makes decisions which shape how your company or product looks and functions.

Inevitably, people who aren’t trained in graphic design will make decisions that affect your company. A brand identity designer creates guidelines and reusable assets to make day-to-day design choices easier to manage on your own.

Strategic Design: Design Thinking

Deciding the function of an effort is more strategic. What is [insert brand touchpoint] supposed to do? What is the main takeaway? Is there enough information to support that takeaway? Is that takeaway compelling? What is the action your customer is supposed to take after experiencing this touchpoint? Do they have enough information to make that next step? Is that next step clearly stated?

Graphic Design: Deciding how something looks

A graphic designer is trained to decide how something looks. These decisions are informed by best practices in the industry, current design trends, data from market tests, behavioral psychology and old-fashioned intuition.

Changing how something looks can change:

  • The pace that information is processed
  • The meaning of the content
  • The likelihood your message will be remembered
  • The tone of a message
  • The emotional impact of a message
  • How your customer flows through information
  • What your customer does next
  • The context of a message

For example, the text “Technology changes our life experiences” is enhanced when it’s accompanied by a photo that adds meaning and context to that idea. The user can now relate the more abstract statement with a concrete life experience.

Be your best, authentic self.

Your brand is successfully designed when you are consistently telling your story in an authentic way. Your brand is relevant when your customers engage with your authentic story and share it for you.

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